10 Best Zimdancehall albums for 2016

Zimdancehall had a good year and most of the big artist were able to deliver albums for their fans

Which was your best album?.

The 11 best upcoming Zimdancehall artists for 2016

Image: Zimdancehall artist, Blot, at Chillspot Recordz

This was another great year in Zimdancehall and we bring you the artists who we believe are the best upcoming artists for 2016

  1. Blot
  2. Poptain
  3. Kadjah
  4. Jah Signal
  5. Silencer
  6. Boom Beto
  7. Silent Killer
  8. Fire man
  9. Fizzma Junta
  10. Bad Fire
  11. Innomas

Who was your favourite upcoming artist of the year? Please tell us in the comments!

Will Soul Jah Love recover after Magaya’s healing?

Since the Zimdancehall sensation Soul Jah Love has been struggling due to his health problems, Zimdancehall fans are giving questions on whether the “hove huru” hit-maker will recover after his visit to prophet W. Magaya. however many of his fans are wishing him a speed recovery.