Dr Abujah working with Asian Black, Malish 94 Badman & 2 International artists for 2017 releases

We had an interview with the Cape Town based Zimdancehall artists Dr. Abujah. He told us that he’s working with Asian Black (the Chillspot reggae empress), Malish 94 Badman and 2 international artists for some releases in 2017.

Here’s the full interview:

When did you start music?
I sang in the School choir in primary school. It is then when the foundation was laid within me. As time progressed I taught other school kids and it gave me pleasure being someone my peers looked up to. ZIFF (Zimbabwe International Film Festival) also taught me

Which of your tracks is your favorite?
Zvinonetsa (Bring me your cup Riddim Nhubu Digital)

What should your fans expect in 2017?
I am working with an award winning producer. As many have noticed I cut off my hair as part of the new Abuja. In 2017 expect collaborations from Asian Black, Malish (94 Badman) and 2 international artists I cannot disclose at this point in time.

I am working hard than I have ever done before as I spend over 12 hours a day in studio as I work on new material.

I have a strong team that I am working with namely Levels ChillSpot, Saddam ChillSpot, Wadhula (Bho Rukazi), Samcris ChillSpot, Addi Cakeman, Manu B, William and Baba Abu to name but just a few.

Expect a music video that is set to be a benchmark in video productions. I personally believe that dedication, hard work and never giving up is the key to success.


The Cape Town based Zimdancehall artists who real name is Abraham Wilson started music while he was still in Primary school at Yamurai Primary School in Dzivarasekwa. He sang in the school choir. As time progressed he taught other school kids and he has said it gave him pleasure being someone his peers looked up to. For his secondary school he went to Dzivarasekwa High 2. Already a musician, after school, he taught Marimba at Chipawo for 3 years.

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